Thursday, December 3, 2009

Southwest Pork Loin

Over at my other blog, I've talked about my love for Mexican cooking, and my recent evolution to Southwestern cookery thanks to Bobby Flay.

And recently I was craving some of that tasty, yet spicy flavour. So to satisfy my cravings I decided to adapt a BF Mesa Grill recipe for my likings.

I started with a pork loin roast. Pork loin roast on its own can be tremendously boring. In my opinion it really is one of those food products that requires some extra embellishment to turn it into a guest worthy dish. Enter the rub. 

I prepared a modified version of BF's southwestern pork rub. Modified on several fronts: i) his was for pork tenderloin vs. loin; ii) I didn't have spice powders on hand, just whole dried chiles; and iii) I reduced the cinnamon and allspice as I find that too much overwhelms the recipe.

Applying the rub is a very satisfying step. It makes the loin a lovely dark, appetizing colour. Searing the sides afterwards is even more satisfying as they colour turns a gorgeous blackened warm colour, and the smell infuses the whole house with a completely welcoming aroma.

After searing on all sides, you finish in the oven. Allowing just enough time to finish other side dishes. Serve with Bobby Flay's Bourbon Ancho Sauce (amazing) as the perfect complemetn.

Bobby Flay has this recipe posted on his website

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