Sunday, October 24, 2010

Technivorm Coffee Machine

This is our latest gadget/appliance - the Technivorm coffee machine. 

You see, our former coffee machine expired this past weekend.  It had been acting up (aka the lights would go on, but nothing would happen) during the past week so my husband began researching options.

Our big thing is a good cup of coffee.  We don't need bells and whistles - no timer, no grinder, no extras - just coffee.  As long as we get a good cup of coffee we're not opposed to those things, but we're not interested in them for gimmicks sake. 

The Technivorm is all about good coffee.  It is hand made in the Netherlands.  It has copper piping so it heats propertly and accurately to 196C each time.  Even a 26 year old model still maintains this temperature- as an experiement while our past coffee maker was still working we checked the coffee temeprature and it struggled to reach 176C.  The Technivorm brews a full pot in under 9 minutes (our first try was 6 minutes).  And it is the only one that Cooks' llustrated (my mentor, my go to) testing competes with French Press. 

I am converted.  I am a Technivorm groupie. 

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